Welcome to the St. Thomas Book Club

The Books, Summaries, & Schedule

Leah Bickett from our parish has chosen six great books of solidly spiritual fiction and non-fiction for the 2020-2021 academic year. Click the button below to see the book titles, summaries, and schedule.

At the end of each book, there will be time arranged where those wanting to join in can participate in a discussion that will last around one hour (though this may vary by groups).

Click the button below to look through the selections for this season and their approximate scheduling (may change according to book length and needs of the groups).

Don't forget to download your questionnaire from this page or pick one up in the office so we can plan your small-group book club around your personal preferences! You can choose to form your own group or sign-up to be placed in one. These small groups meeting in homes or on church property should be 4-8 persons, depending on the space and circumstances; online Zoom groups of 12 are very manageable.

You may turn your completed questionnaire in at the church office, place it in the offering baskets in the main church after weekend Masses, or scan and email it to Charlotte Curtis at the address on the bottom of the questionnaire.

Selections and Schedule

Book One & Discussion Questions

Each person will order their own books or have a business order one for them. With each book, there will be a list of Discussion Questions for you to use as your work your way through your book. Click the button below to see the first book and its discussion questions for your consideration.

1st Book w/Discussion Questions

Please Complete Our Questionnaire

If you will complete the questionnaire about your preferences, that will assist us in setting up small groups for you. If it's easier, you can pick up the questionnaire from our church office.

If you have questions, please contact Charlotte Curtis. Her phone and email are included at the bottom of the questionnaire.