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Call the office at 541-923-3390 to be directed to staff.

Very Rev. Saji Kumbungal Thomas

Vicar General, CMI, Pastor
[email protected]

Father Saji serves as the Vicar General for our diocese as well as serving as our pastor.

As pastor, he conducts parish:
- Weddings
- Funerals
- Confession
- Holy Mass
- Sacraments

Call him for all St. Thomas business through our office:

Rev.  Caleb Cunningham

Parochial Vicar
[email protected]

To read a short bio for Father Cunningham, click on either his picture or his underlined title.

- Assists Father Saji with Confession and the celebration of saying Mass.

Fr. Cunningham, after a brief vacation, is coming here directly from his ordination into the priesthood. We are so happy to have two wonderful servants of God here in our parish.

Call him for all St. Thomas business through our office:

Chuck Amsberry


- At the Mass, proclaims the Gospel and assists at the altar.
- Regular duties include aiding the priest(s) in their parish duties.
- They help visit the sick and provide spiritual guidance in the community.
- In all things, they act as a Servant of God.

Lori Sharp

Office Manager

 [email protected]
- Church Bulletin
- Mass Announcements
- Mass Intentions
- Primary Contact Point for Parish Events

Lori is the first person you see when you enter our offices. If she can't answer your questions, she will know who you need to contact.

Noél Roy

Religious Education, Director
[email protected]

- Chooses materials for PreK-12th grade basic faith classes.
- Chooses materials for all sacrament prep classes for 2nd-12th grades.
- Teaches Wednesday classes for 2nd Grade Faith Foundation students preparing for 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion.
- Teaches Youth Group main lesson each week during the Academic Year.
- Teaches sacrament classes with assistance from volunteers.

Chris King

Religious Education, Assistant
(a.k.a. "Queen")
[email protected]

- Handles administrative duties for the director.
- Handles payment of fees for RE classes, including sacrament classes.
- Assists in teaching Wednesday evening Youth Group for 6th-12th grades.
- Assists in testing candidates for admission to  Confirmation classes.
- Assists in teaching Confirmation students.

Jessica Ivie

Church Bookkeeper
[email protected]

- Collects tithes and donations..
- Collects, tracks, and reports all fees for all activities conducted by the Church.
- Records all Church collections.
- Tracks all Church expenses.
- Prepares statements and reports as required.
- Prepares all employee pay sheets.
- Complies with all city, state, and federal tax laws.

Ken King

Church Maintenance

- Installs items as necessary for the church and associated building areas. 
- Repairs or replaces items as required in main church building, church offices, gym and welcome areas, and the St. Thomas Academy class rooms.
- Repairs or replaces sprinkler heads and other parts as needed.
- Assures that the church property is in compliance with city/county/ and state laws inside and outside the buildings.
- Assures compliance with sanitation and fire safety rules for the property.

Nick Wavers

Coordinator of Liturgical Music

Call: 541-815-3424
Email: [email protected]